Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pathanjali yoga - I

Different kinds of meditations are available now. the best method is Saint Pathanjali’s Yoga Suthra that is called as “ASTANGA YOGA” or “RAJA YOGA”.

Saint Pathanjali lived in the second century before Christ. He co-ordinated meditation formula in eight steps.

That is
1.      Iyamam
2.      Niyamam
3.      Asana
4.      Pranaayaama
5.      Prathyaakaaraa
6.      Thaarana
7.      Thiyaanam
8.      Samaathi

He defined to make purity of mind apart from physical body and coincides of soul with the power of Almighty.

1.      Iyamam
         Iyamam describes removable habits from human beings. It emphasizes on purity of mind and soul.
1.      Should not disturb other souls.
2.      Live without lie.
3.      Don’t covet other person’s things.
4.      Avoid improper sex.
5.      Avoid even donations from others.

2.      Niyamam
          Niyamam  is habits that can be followed able in human life. It make purity and strength of the body, mind and soul.
1.      Keep body and mind as pure as possible.
2.      Satisfaction of mind in the existing environment and material.
3.      Hearing and reading the highest thoughts of saints (abovt integrity, Love and purity).
4.      Keep the highest thought of life as goal.
5.      Surrender yourself with the source power of Galaxy ( Almighty).

Monday, 22 August 2011

What we can get through Meditation?

We can achieve greatness in life by way of Meditation than other things.

Vethathiri Maharishi has completed only third standard. He discontinued his studying due to  poverty. But he learned and made research Yoga and Meditation. He designed a new method in Meditation that is known as “SIMPLIFIED KUNDALINI YOGA”. Nowadays a lot of people are following the same in many countries.

Now seven Universities are conducting Diploma, B.A., M.A., and M.Phil., courses in Meditation by Vethathiri Maharishi’s Literature. A third standard completed person create a literature, Universities use them for it’s courses. How is it possible? “MEDITATION”. It is really amazing.

Meditation is not a manthra or thanthra. It is a science. Meditation take Body, Mind and Soul to the highest position. It can be learned by all, through a Master.


Saturday, 20 August 2011


At the outset I plead apology for not being fluent in English. If you ignore this fact you will find my thought are a golden mine.

What is meditation ? 
Meditation is not only concentration of mind, or increasing the power of mind. Meditation is a trial  to achieve the source power of that has created and directing the galaxy, soul and all the other things.

That source of power is existing every where like air and ether. That energy is the source of even  “PANCHA BOOTHA”. It is in the surroundings and inside of us also. If we want to feel it , If we want to achieve it we must go up in the mind. First we must bring the mind to a minute position, then mindless position. As a pure glass shows us the other side very clearly. Mindless soul feel, that source power. It may be called  GOD or in any other name. Mind vibration is the disturbance of the soul to feels or achieving the source energy of the Almighty.

The input device of our body is skin, tongue, nose, eye and  ear (for touch, taste, smell, light and sound) . If we reduce one device’s functions, another device’s power will be increase. For example a blindman memory power is more than that of normal people. When we make meditation, we reduce the vibration of all devices of body and mind. When we go to mindless position by very long practice, our soul will get the awareness of the Almighty.

Meditation must learnt under the guidance of a Master (GURU). Don’t practice it without the guidance of the Master. Because, if you do any wrong methods it will make side have effects.

Meditation is the amazing gift of God to humanity. All the human beings must learn it by the proper procedure and get great success in life.

Vaalga Valamudan-    Live with health and wealth.