Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Pathanjali yoga - I

Different kinds of meditations are available now. the best method is Saint Pathanjali’s Yoga Suthra that is called as “ASTANGA YOGA” or “RAJA YOGA”.

Saint Pathanjali lived in the second century before Christ. He co-ordinated meditation formula in eight steps.

That is
1.      Iyamam
2.      Niyamam
3.      Asana
4.      Pranaayaama
5.      Prathyaakaaraa
6.      Thaarana
7.      Thiyaanam
8.      Samaathi

He defined to make purity of mind apart from physical body and coincides of soul with the power of Almighty.

1.      Iyamam
         Iyamam describes removable habits from human beings. It emphasizes on purity of mind and soul.
1.      Should not disturb other souls.
2.      Live without lie.
3.      Don’t covet other person’s things.
4.      Avoid improper sex.
5.      Avoid even donations from others.

2.      Niyamam
          Niyamam  is habits that can be followed able in human life. It make purity and strength of the body, mind and soul.
1.      Keep body and mind as pure as possible.
2.      Satisfaction of mind in the existing environment and material.
3.      Hearing and reading the highest thoughts of saints (abovt integrity, Love and purity).
4.      Keep the highest thought of life as goal.
5.      Surrender yourself with the source power of Galaxy ( Almighty).

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